V-neck tees all day everyday

black v-neck tee for that everyday casual look

black v-neck tee

black v-neck tee

black v-neck tee

V-neck tees are my jam because they make me feel skinny. My mom-belly is still here and I need to work out but I’m lazy so I do things like wear a v-neck tee to make me think I’m in shape. LOL. It’s silly I know! So when you’re on the hunt for the perfect tee, have you tried on different necklines and compared them? For me, the v-necks tend to look best on my figure so it’s my go to tee shirt at all times. I usually like my tees a bit loose yet fitted like this one. Tees are just easy to wear and style. You can style it up or down and you can never go wrong. You just have to find one that fits your body type best. My all time favorite tee is this one and here’s another one that’s more budget-friendly. Even my husband rocks V-necks but that’s because he likes showing off his chest hair! hahaha. I love his chest hair! Oh wait, was that TMI?

Lastly, I just wanted to take a minute to talk about these Valentino dupes that are super comfortable. I know summer time is coming to an end but these sandals have been a staple for me all summer long and they’re budget friendly too! When I bought these they were $33 and from time to time you’ll see them at a discounted price here! So keep your eye out. My feet easily get blisters from new shoes but I can tell you these were comfortable right out of the box. You should totally check it out! Also before you leave, I updated my fall favorites tab. Lots of great things that are currently on sale! Ch- ch- check it out! Have a great weekend!



Outfit Details: Shoes | Shorts| Top | Hat | Watch

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