Teeth whitening review

Smile brilliant review

Here’s my teeth whitening review for Smile Brilliant.  Have you guys heard of Smile Brilliant? I remember the first time I heard about it was because I saw the Bachelor, Sean Lowe’s post! Of all people?!?! And how cute is his little family? So glad he picked Catherine! I noticed they both have pearly white teeth… They must be using smile brilliant to get it!

teeth whitening review

Smile brilliant review

Here I am, trying the product because honestly, I want me some pearly white teeth too. And I believe a smile goes a long way especially if they’re white. Have you had a bad day but someone smiled at you? Yeah, it turns my day around like that! So let me tell you a little about Smile Brilliant.

When you order the kit it comes with catalyste paste and base paste to create your teeth impressions. How cool right? You get custom whitening trays for your teeth! Custom anything is amazing if you ask me. Once it dries, mail the impressions in the prepaid mailing bag and it takes about 3-5 days to get your trays. Once you get them it’s time to whiten and party. There are 2 gels that come with the kit as well. One of them is the whitening gel and the other is the desensitizing gel which you put on afterward. I’ve only done 7 treatments and my teeth are looking fantastic!

If you’ve read this entire post, thank you! And I have good news. Since I loved this product so much and I got amazing results I was able to arrange a giveaway for 1 special person to win their very own smile brilliant teeth whitening kit. To enter the giveaway go to

Or if a giveaway isn’t your style you can use the code: thealieffect15 of 15% off here
*open for 1 week (7 days after 12/19/2017). Open to USA, UK, Australia, and Canadian residents. The giveaway winner will be randomly selected by an engine.

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