Cyantific Skincare

Cyantific Skincare

Cyantific Skincare is amazing! I’ve been using it for a month and I have to say the results are AWESOME! My skin feels softer, tighter, and hydrated. I have oily/combination skin and this product works wonders and doesn’t leave my skin greasy! 10 points for Cyantific!  I’m getting to the age where I’ve lost some volume in my face so I love the tightening feeling. 🙂  Now I wish I took before and after photos. 🙁 Blogger fail over here… I know, I’m such an amateur beauty product reviewer! Give me a break, this is my first beauty product review. I would never recommend something if I didn’t love it.

So let me tell you a little about Cyantific. It was created by a microbiologist, Stephanie A. Smith Ph.D who studied algae and realized blue-green algae had compounds beneficial to skin. She calls it PhycoBoost:”it has UVA-absorbing compounds that algae use to protect themselves from cell damage and free radicals” ( I never knew Algae could do this!  You learn something new every day!

I love that it’s only a 3 step process. As a mother of two, I’m all about efficiency so when I heard that all I had to do is put on the nourishing daily serum in the AM and PM, protective daily lotion with SPF 30 in the AM, and hydrating night cream in the PM I had to try it.  I apply the product in circular motions from my forehead to my chest. You gotta get your neck and chest too. They tend to get neglected. Or at least I’ve been neglecting them until a few months ago.  As I’m aging I’ve realized I need to take care of my entire body! Next goal is to exercise on a regular basis. Wish me luck. What are your workout recommendations?

And I saved the best news for last!  For a limited time, you can get your hands on this amazing product by using code: thealieffect to get 30% off your first purchase from Cyantific skincare. Now, aren’t you a lucky duck?

Oh and if you haven’t seen my blog post from last week, you can find it here. Have a fantastic day!

Happy Friday, beautiful people!




P.S. This blog post was in collaboration with Cyantific Skincare.

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