9 easy hairstyles

Easy hairstyles

Are you always on the go and looking for easy hairstyles to incorporate into your daily look? I’m sharing with you 9 of my go-to hairstyles that are just easy peasy lemon squeezy. Literally, anyone can do it. As a busy mama, I have a limited amount of time to get ready so it’s imperative my hair is together for the day before my kids start yelling for me. Like, who do they think they are? My boss? Actually, my boss is pretty awesome! Let’s just say I’m all about living life as efficient as possible and that includes doing my hair quickly, while also looking like a decent human being.

Before I go into detail on each of the hairstyles let me preface you with the fact that I only wash my hair twice a week. Is that gross? Some of you ladies feel me right? I mean, if I wash my hair every day it would be so dry like the ends of a broomstick. And no girl, that ain’t pretty. I’d like to keep my hair as healthy as possible and I’m loving the shampoo and conditioner I’m using right now. It leaves my hair smelling o so good and so soft! It’s almost as soft as my dog’s hair and they have really soft hair!  I may or may not have thought about using my dog’s shampoo. Not sure why I never tried? LOL.. Umm cuz it’s dog shampoo?!?!!?

After I wash and condition my hair I always use this oil to help with heat protection and to give my hair some shine. Then I’ll either use this flat iron or this curling wand. Straightening my wild Asian hair usually only takes me about 5 minutes. Curling it takes anywhere between 5-15 min depending on how much time I have. By the time I’m done I’m loving how clean my head feels and how soft and shiny my hair gets. 🙂

So let’s talk about my easy hairstyles from the top left to the right:

  1. Soft waves/hair set off to one side style – This is my favorite hairstyle because it makes me feel feminine and romantic. It’s super easy to do too. I  use a 1.5-inch curling wand and curl outwards from my face while leaving 4-5 inches of hair uncurled at the end. Then I run my fingers through to get software curls. I can do a tutorial on this if you guys are interested. Oh and you can see more photos of this hairstyle here.
  2. The messy bun style – Calling all moms and ladies who just need their hair outta their face. You will find me in this hairstyle 60% of the time. It’s easy and cute! I’m not even sure how to describe how I do my messy bun but it works most days.  Shall I do one on my insta-story?
  3. Simple parted in the middle style – Apparently, I can’t part my own hair in the middle but you get the gist. 🙂
  4. Girly side part/hair half-up & half-down style  – This one is super easy and I love it for the days I want to hide my forehead a bit yet still feel girly with half of my hair down.
  5. Fancy high pony style-  I could have easily done a regular high pony but I like to fancy it up by wrapping some hair around the rubber band.
  6. Basic low pony style- this is probably the laziest hairstyle out of the bunch but it’s soo easy!
  7. Sleek middle part/low pony style- this is also one of my favorites because I can hide 1/4 of my large ears and I love how clean this style is!
  8. Feminine side part/fishtail braid style- If I feel a little motivated I’ll braid my hair and the fishtail braid is soo pretty!
  9. Romantic side part /topsy tail style-  I love parting my hair on one side and to adding a pretty twist to a ponytail is a winner in my book!

Alright guys, these are easy hairstyles and I’m sure you may already doing your hair like this. But if you’d like to see a tutorial let me know! I’ve never made a video before and it might just be my next blogging challenge.

Have a happy weekend!



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