2017 Harry & David Blog Tour

About a month ago I got invited to go to the Harry & David blog tour and let me just say, it was such a fun experience!  So the day before the tour I had no idea what to wear. All I knew was it was going to be cold and I’m going to be walking a lot. So after much thought, I decided to go with my favorite suede booties, skinny jeans, ivory bell sleeve top and my all time favorite suede burgundy jacket. It was a bit chilly that morning and luckily I remembered to bring this thick scarf that kept me extra warm and cozy. It’s definitely one of the softest scarfs I own hence I had to buy it in multiple colors! It’s the perfect scarf for the fall and winter months, ladies… You can get it here.

Harry and David pears

Now, how cute is this pear basket full of Harry & David’s famous Royal Riviera pears? If you haven’t had their pears, you need to because you’re missing out… Like, big time! When we arrived at the orchard that morning we were welcomed by the Harry & David team and they had the cutest breakfast table layout! See below for more photos.

Harry and David blog tourHarry and David blog tour

I cannot stop eating their pears… Also, I love supporting local businesses. Since I’ve moved down here I’ve realized the significance this company has on my local economy. Most people have worked there at some point or are still working there! Soo cool! When I can shop local, I always do. 🙂

Harry and David blog tour

Have you guys heard of pear chips? Yeah, that stuff is like crack. I may or may not have hidden in the pantry to finish off the bag.  It was that good!

Harry and David blog tour

Cheese all day every day! I was probably awkwardly standing by the cheese and trying not to look like a total cheese pig that morning.  My love for cheese is a close second to my love for rice… ;P And if you don’t know I love rice… I call myself a true Asian.

Harry and David chocolate bark

After the orchard tour, we toured the facility where all the magic happens! Behind every bite of moose munch or chocolate bark or pastry you eat fromHarry & David, there are amazing people who make it all happen and I feel so fortunate to have met some of these people. Also, if you don’t know what moose munch is, you should google it… Jk… It’s basically caramel popcorn and chocolate popcorn.  Soo bomb dot com guys! One of the highlights of the tour was making my own chocolate bark. I mixed cookie dough, toasted coconut, peppermint, and a bunch of other things and it turned out really good! I guess when you use high-quality ingredients everything’s going to taste amazing!

Last but not least my favorite part of the tour was meeting other bloggers that I hope to remain good friends with and perhaps will get the chance to hang out again in the near future.

Harry and David Tour girlsHarry & David Blog TourHarry and David Tour girls

For you foodies, you need to check out these amazing bloggers:

Sandy with Reluctant Entertainer  (She just has a heart of gold and so down to earth. Her recipes are so delicious!  Makes me feel like I can one day entertain in style. I look up to Sandy a lot and so thankful for her friendship)

Kellie with The Suburban Soapbox  (The sweetest person ever and she has some amazing recipes on her website… My 2018 goal is to start cooking more of her recipes.)

Brian  with A Thought for Food (This guy is amazing photographer and has some great recipes on his site)

Josh with Josh Hager (This guy does it all! He works full time, blogs, and has a partnership with Twitter)

For you lifestylers you have to check out these ladies

Chanel with Chanel Moving Forward  (Love this girl! Her sense of humor and love for cats is my favorite thing about her!)

Alli with   (Alli is local to the southern Oregon area and I love how adventurous she is!)

When in doubt, you know you can always count on Harry and David to deliver happiness here

For years I’ve been a customer because every time I send one of their gift baskets to my family and friends it’s always a hit!

If you’re still looking for gift ideas don’t forget to visit my Holiday Shop here

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